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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the Weeden Sprinkler System cause a flood?

    Our experience has shown us that virtually any excessive moisture in the past was caused by user error, not the Weeden Sprinkler System itself. With the incorporation of the pulse water meter supplied in every manifold, that is connected to the Water Alarm in the Weeden Controller and then to the Farm's Alarm system, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a flood using the Weeden Sprinkler System as the manager will be alerted with an alarm to any deviation from the Weeden Sprinkler program that could cause excessive moisture.   

  • How does the Weeden Sprinkler System work? Does it work like a mister/fogger?

    The Weeden Sprinkler System is quite unique and different than a misting system. The Weeden Sprinkler System operates on preset short intervals, typically 20 seconds at a time.  Based on house temperature the frequency of sprinkling can be changed to maintain flock comfort.  In 20 seconds one sprinkler will provide 8 oz. or one cup of water.  The sprinkler will distribute these water droplets over a 450 sq. ft. area.  In a typical 50 x 500 ft house there will be 50 sprinklers.  One cycle of sprinkling will use just over 3 gallons of water.  In one hour during maximum heat stress, a Weeden Sprinkler System will use approximately 40 gallons of water. The water droplets do not hang in the air, they fall on the bird’s backs and heads. 

  • Does the Weeden Sprinkler System cool the barn or the bird?

    It cools both. When the water droplets land on the bird’s head and body the birds stand up releasing captured heat that has been transferred to the litter through their breast.  This heat is then ventilated out of the house using the existing ventilation system.   The birds are then left with water droplets on their heads and backs that will evaporate and using the existing ventilation system create a cooling effect on the birds themselves.   Once the birds are up, they migrate to the nipples and feeding systems to help maintain weight gains during heat stress.   Actual house temperature reduction is quite comparable between a house with sprinklers and one with misters if combined with cool cells and tunnel ventilation.

  • How does water usage compare to misters?

    A Weeden System will use approximately 50% to 75% less water than a typical misting or fogging system during maximum heat stress.

  • What kind of water pressure do I require to operate a Weeden Sprinkler System?

    The Weeden Sprinkler System typically operates on “Line Pressure”.  Each Sprinkler drop needs 30 psi to operate effectively.   Therefore 50 psi is required to enter the manifold and then regulated to 40 psi exiting the manifold.   This amount of pressure manages a water line up to 600 feet in length achieving the necessary 30 psi at the last sprinkler drop in the line. Your well pressure switch should cut in at 40 and cut out at 60.

  • Will the Weeden Sprinkler System make my litter wet?

    NO.   Our customers have told us that in direct comparison to foggers, the litter was drier in the Weeden Sprinkler house. One sprinkler will provide 8 oz. or one cup of water in a 20 second interval over 450 sq. ft. This amount of water is not noticeable on the litter.  As the flock ages the manager may increase the frequency of the sprinkling during the day but very few of the water droplets will make it to the litter as most land on the birds themselves.

  • Does the Weeden Sprinkler System require maintenance?

    Weeden Sprinkler Spinners will not plug or drip like mister nozzles.   Cleaning of the sprinkler spinners will vary depending on water quality.  Depending on the calcium or mineral build up on the spinners a simple immersion in vinegar or another mild acid is sufficient from time to time. There is also a stainless steel flushable filter in the manifold that will require cleaning.  The frequency of cleaning is also based on the grower’s water quality. 

  • Does a Weeden Sprinkler System make all the dust stick to everything?

    With a Weeden Sprinkler System, less dust will build up on equipment and fan louvers since the dust doesn’t drift and is returned to the litter.  With sprinklers, there is less cake to remove from the litter as compared to misters or foggers since the litter will be drier. 

  • Will sprinklers affect the humidity in the house?

    An independent study has shown that during maximum heat stress, the Weeden system will only minimally raise the humidity.  During times of high humidity where a grower should turn off a mister system for fear of added humidity the Weeden Sprinkler System can continue running giving needed comfort to the flock.

  • What various functions is the Weeden Sprinkler System used for?
    1. During extreme heat stress, birds will be kept alive and mortality will therefore be kept to a minimum.
    2. On hot days where the flock is uncomfortable and towards the end of any flock when they spend much of their time sitting down, the Weeden Sprinkler System encourages the birds to stand up and promote activity, thus helping to maintain weight gains.  
    3. During times of reduced ventilation and in situations where houses become dusty such as pullet houses and dark out houses, the Weeden Sprinkler System is unmatched in its ability to minimize dust levels.