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  1. pdf icon University of Arkansas – Sprinklers Cool Birds and Conserve Water
    Sprinklers can save over 50% of cooling water and are shown to reduce humidity by 20%.
  2. pdf icon University of Arkansas –  Cooling Broiler Chickens by Direct Sprinkling
    This 10 year study at the University of Arkansas shows a .3 cent improved performance over 17 consecutive summer flocks.
  3. pdf icon University of Arkansas – Cooling Broiler Chickens by Direct Sprinkling
    This is a summary of the above 10 year study at the University of Arkansas.
  4. pdf icon University of Arkansas – Cooling Broiler Chickens by Direct Sprinkling  (Thermal Image of a Broiler Chicken exposed to 95°F (35°C))  
    A Research Study at the University of Arkansas shows how sprinklers lowers the body temperatures.  This is a thermal image of broiler chicken exposed to 95°F (35°C).
  5. pdf icon University of Arkansas - Cooling broiler Chickens by Surface Wetting Indoor Thermal Environment, Water Usage, And Bird Performance 
    Sprinklers Systems in this trial showed improved performance and 67% less cooling water usage.
  6. pdf icon Mississippi State University - Cooling Chickens with Sprinklers has Multiple Benefits
    In addition to cooling birds, sprinklers improve humidity, increase performance and get the birds up to eat and drink.
  7. pdf icon University of Georgia Poultry Housing Tips – Increasing Evaporative Cooling Pad Set Temperatures
    In this article, the University of Georgia references the benefits of sprinkler technology.
  8. pdf icon University of Arkansas - Surface Wetting Strategy Prevents Acute Heat Exposure–Induced Alterations of Hypothalamic Stress– and Metabolic-Related Genes in Broiler Chickens
    This research study of surface wetting shows the beneficial effect in preserving cellular energy and controlling stress levels induced by extreme heat stress thereby improving performance.
  9. pdf icon University of Arkansas - Sprinkler Technology Improves Broiler Production Sustainability:  From Stress Alleviation to Water Usage Conservation: A Mini Review
    Research Study has shown that sprinklers will reduce stress levels and preserve energy during heat stress which would lead to improved performance.
  10. Queensland Government Australia, Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries - Sprinkler Cooling System Trial
    The results of this study found that in-shed sprinklers are an effective cooling system that can be used to complement and reduce the use of evaporative cooling pads.  Be sure to go to the end of this page for several links on reports and presentations from Australia.